Raising Girls

This morning over a cup of coffee, which was luke warm at best, and feeding my toddler and baby breakfast – I had an epiphany. Well, maybe not so much an epiphany, but a thought. I forgot about this blog which I had started writing more than two years ago. And my thought revolved around which direction I may want to take this blog and how I am going to make it meaningful for myself and potentially others.

I thought to myself what do I do all day everyday, 24/7. It’s raising my to beautiful girls. And having just celebrated International Women’s Day around the world, and seeing so many motivational pieces about women and the amazing things they can do and achieve on their own and working together. And then I thought to myself – what type of girls do I want to raise? How can I teach them to be brave enough? Strong enough? Soft enough? to make it through this life…all I can do is try.

This particular post really got me think. A dear friend of mine posted this quote:

You have the tale twisted,
I am not what you thought.
You had me down as the damsel?
Darling, I’m the wolf.


And my response to her was that I can only hope to raise my girls to be strong women who are the wolf and not the damsel. Her response made me smile. “Oh you will definitely raise a wolf pack sister. This we both know for sure”.

All I can say is thank you for the vote of confidence and for starting the kindling for my fire and journey, documenting my life on raising these two beautiful girls.




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