3 minutes of downtime

What do you do in your 3 minutes of downtime? Sure you’re probably thinking what is this woman on about…3 minutes of downtime…she’s a stay-at-home mum she has heaps of downtime. Ya right! I wish.

Between taking care of my beautiful baby girl, housework, cooking, car seat rentals, event managing the Central Otago A&P show, and managing our small farm, I get about 3 minutes of downtime, that are just for me. And in this time I am usually trying to gulp back a latte, peruse facebook, pinterest,twitter and instagram at the same time, or I am working on my photos, editing and playing with my camera. It’s my time. I can do with what I want and I enjoy it. Although it may be short, it’s re-boosting and invigorating and I need it.

Don’t get me wrong – I’m not complaining here. I love being a stay-at-home mum and love managing the farm and all of the other jobs I have taken on. It’s busy but that’s how I like it. But it does mean I just need these few minutes of me time a day to enjoy everything I do just a little bit more. And in today’s 3 minutes I wrote this blog, and the baby is up again so here we go. 🙂

Lots of love out there!



Stop Asking Mums These 3 Questions…

As a mother of a newborn or young infant there is a lot we are going through, from sleepless nights, to dirty nappies, to figuring out feeding cues and just generally trying to keep our baby happy. Do not add fuel to the fire by asking these three seemingly harmless questions.

1) Is he/she a good baby?
In short, of course she’s a good baby! She’s my baby and I love her to bits. She could be screaming like a banshee and in my eyes she’s still a good baby. What would you do if I said no, she’s a little shit and is very naughty? It would shock you and disgust you. Although, I probably should next time though as it would end the conversation and I would not be asked the following two questions.

2) Is he/she a good sleeper
NO! Of course not! She’s a baby!!!! But if you say no then they have advice for you on how to get your baby to sleep, mostly ‘oh you should just let her cry’ (WTF this is not the 1960s we know so much better now). I have said yes before too, and then was told ‘oh if shes a good sleeper now, she won’t be when she’s older’. Thanks for that, I needed to hear that tidbit of information from you, older pompus male!

Babies are not meant to sleep – they are actually programmed to wake up frequently to protect them from falling in a deep sleep and reducing their risk of SIDS. They need us to come check on them during the night to make sure they are not too hot or too cold, or blankets aren’t over their head and generally just comfort them and perhaps feed them. This misconception that babies need to sleep through the night needs to change. Sleeping through the night for a baby is 5.5 hrs. I consider it a blessing that my daughter still gets up, as I know she is safe and I can comfort her gently back to sleep. Sure we have some rough nights where the waking is all to frequent but there is usually something else going on at that point like illness or teething. So STOP asking if my baby is a good sleeper! You have probably been there yourself and know very well they are not.

3) Are you feeding him/her?
Yes of course I am! Does she look like she’s starving? Now if you mean breastfeeding or bottle feeding you have just entered a whole different ball game and your judgey eyes can take a step back before my lack of sleep blurs my judgement and I throw a punch your way. Bottlefed or breastfed, FED is ALWAYS BEST! If I say yes I am still breastfeeding, I would sometimes get rounds of applause or a pat on the back, or the look of isn’t it time you weaned her. If a mum said she was formula feeding then the looks would come out and judgey eyes would appear and be like why you not breastfeeding? It is a no win situation for anyone! There is no taboo against breastfeeding just as there is no taboo against bottlefeeding. STOP judging these amazing mothers and start supporting them!

So in order to keep the peace and leave a new mothers sanity intact! PLEASE stop asking these degrading questions, that only really make her question her own parenting skills and what she knows is best for her child. After all it is her baby, not yours, so really its none of your business. So unless you are going to tell her what a fantastic job she is doing and that her baby is the cutest darn thing you have ever seen in the whole entire world, and here let me buys those nappies for you (disposable or cloth) (sidenote: True story a lady did buy nappies for me at the grocery store, amazing act of kindness)  KEEP YOUR MOUTH SHUT and let the mummy be.

Booster Biscuit Mix

So I was lucky enough to try the Breastfeeding Cookies from Franny at Breastmates last week (just in time for World Breastfeeding Week) and let me tell you they are delicious and work wonders! I have always been a milk and cookies kind of girl so was very excited to give these a try.


Super easy to make, only adding butter and an egg! I like simple these days and you can’t get much easier than that. The pre-made booster mix has everything else you need in it for making the biscuits and boosting the breastfeeding mums milk supply. Not to say that anyone else can’t have them, but you just might not want to share.

I did add cranberries as an extra, as suggested on the pack, just to keep things interesting. But feel free to add your favourite little extra to the biscuits to make them your own. I have seen a number of posts of mums adding all sorts of fun things like coconut, dates, M&M’s and chocolate chips.

The pack says it makes 20 – I got 25 out of it! Score!  I am guessing this is due to adding the cranberries and the size you make our biscuits. Again let me reiterate: “super easy to make and takes no time at all”. I baked them whilst making tea and playing with bubs. Using a mixer would speed the process up a little, but I did it the fashioned way and still managed to mix it quite easily. The whole baking process took less than 25minutes.


Even the dough was delicious (although if pregnant I would not suggest eating it as it does contain raw egg -but I had to lick my fingers clean after rolling the biscuits out). They are a bit crumbly, but it doesn’t make a difference in the baking just roll into little balls and squish down no problem. But as the packet says do have your butter at room temperature (and I might add your egg too if you keep them in the fridge) to ensure a nice smooth base to start with.


After 15 minutes in the oven -done! And time to get into these delicious cookies. I was a bit over zealous to give them a try and may have burnt my tongue a little, but it was so worth it. They are delicious! The problem is limiting myself to only two or three a day. These breastfeeding cookies are great with a glass of milk, which is exactly how I like to eat my cookies anyways.


And in terms of my milk supply – they work! (Almost immediately. I noticed a difference on the first day) A delicious treat and something that helps lactating mummies – you can’t go wrong really. I pump almost twice as much now and still am able to feed my little one. Great for increasing my freezer stash for future use. If you’re a breastfeeding mum or know of a breastfeeding mummy, I highly recommend giving these biscuits a try. Even if your supply isn’t low, mine was good before and I still noticed a difference. Thanks for this Franny! A fantastic job on these!

Franny at Breastmates has the breastfeeding mummy covered! From easy wearing practical and stylish nursing wear, everything for your pumping and storage needs, to almost everything baby, she has it figured out for you. I highly recommend you check out her website and see what she is all about. Two big thumbs up from this mummy and I have been recommending you to all of my friends for all their nursing needs!

Disclaimer: I was not paid to write this post, I was provided with a free booster mix to try and asked to review. Results may not be the same for you. I have bought other products, including clothing, myself from Breastmates and speak from personal experience. 

Gumboots & Love

As I lay awake in bed last night, after tending to bubs at 2am, I thought it was time to change the name of my blog. ‘Country Crossings’ makes sense to me but not necessarily everyone else. So I have decided to entitle my blog ‘Gumboots & Love’, because really that’s what we are all about here.

I’m a stay-at-home-mum, helping to run our small farm in rural New Zealand. Our gumboots are always muddy and blocking the front door, and before I know it there will be more little gumboots everywhere. And we get by on a whole lot of love. It only really seems fitting to describe my writing in this manner.

I’m finding my writing is changing or at least my train of thought is, and I find it very telling to what stage of life you are in, with what you are writing about. Our interests and focus changes with time, and when we follow and nurture those interests that is when we grow as individuals, and for me as a mother. Life is constantly changing and we will never follow one path, but rather take many diversions and sometimes shortcuts along the way. I’m loving where I am right now and know that who I am today and what I am doing is shaping who my daughter (and myself) will become tomorrow.

Putting lots of love out there today. Kia Kaha