When it rains…it pours…

When it rains…it pours and not in the literal sense unfortunately. As farmers we pray for rain, it can be the difference between a good year and bad year. But when it comes to managing my household I prefer calm sunny days please. But this week is proving to be a thunderstorm.

Poor wee bubs is sick. Which is normally fine and we will take it as it comes. But we ended up in hospital this time with bronchiolitis. The poor girl. Mind you, even though she was sick, the doctors were calling her the ‘Happy Wheezer’ as she was still all smiles for them. But if I could trade places with her, I would, in an instant. We have had a rough few nights and I am running on very little sleep. If it’s not her waking up it was the nurses last night coming in to check on her waking me. I’m not complaining we were in the best place for her considering the circumstances. Mind you I will say some of the night shift workers need to pull their shit together. I could have throttled one of them for their bedside manner and unnecessary loud talking which woke up my wee girl. If you don’t know how to use or read the equipment checking her ops please don’t come in here blubbering away to yourself and turning on all of the lights. A completely unnecessary move on her part and rude I might add. When the doctor came in to help he was extremely unimpressed with attitude, which I’m hoping lead to her being read the riot act. On the other hand with my wee girls coughing fits and vomitting I am glad we were in hospital.

We luckily were discharged yesterday and were able to go home. At least I won’t be so bored being stuck in one room under no contact. But we came home to no hot water. You have got to be kidding me. I was dying for a hot shower. Guess that is going to have to wait. The house is a disaster and I’ve got washing pile up higher than my basket can handle. I do wonder what else this week is going to throw our way. But I am hoping we are in for smooth sailing. A wise woman said to me these things are sent to try us and that they are. If you can’t handle a little spilt milk once in a while life is going to get very tough for you. Take it as it comes and know that tomorrow will be better.

And we are actually in for a good rain so we will see what happens, may be an indoor kind of week.


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