Well it’s winter time again…

Yes it’s true – winter has finally hit. It’s cold and frosty and the condensation is dripping down the windows (I hate single pane windows), at least on the plus I have a diesel fire and I don’t need to be carrying wood inside everyday!

But that being said, winter does bring on a whole new set of chores to stay on top of. One of the most important things is getting out early in the morning when it’s still frosty to break the ice off of the water troughs for the animals. Although this does not sounds too bad when you have  4 month old in tow it makes a bit more interesting. A once 10 min job, turns into almost a 45 minute affair, once you get little miss bundled and myself bundled (although usually I’ll admit it I’m still in my pj’s) and off to the various paddocks where the stock are to break the ice with my trusted old wooden broom handle. Sometimes I’m lucky and can do this when she naps, but not so easy at the moment with our motorbike out of commission. It definitely wakes you up in the morning though!

Feeding out is also something you forget about in the summer – the stock happily grazing along and not a care in the world. And wham winter hits and all the sudden there is not enough feed so your feeding out hay and bailage, along with break feeding the paddocks to ensure you will get through the winter. We were lucky this year and had a bit of a late start of winter, but now that it has arrived we are in the full swing of things.

Don’t get me wrong – I love all of this – but winter does bring another dynamic to the farm and we just need to stay on top of things. I am usually able to do a walk of the paddocks in the afternoon and check on all of the stock and make sure everything is running smoothly. At least then if there are any major problems we can get it sorted before dark. The longest day is coming up soon and after that things just seem to get a bit brighter…no pun intended 😛

So a random post about chores I know, but it was just what was on my mind today.



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