Red Red Raspberries

Who doesn’t love raspberries? Such a delicious and refreshing treat in the summertime and I cannot get enough of fresh berries – I miss them so much in the winter.

Raspberries are not only delicious, but amazingly healthy for you as well. They are high in fiber, and contain Vitamin A, folate, antioxidants and numerous minerals. The juice contains Vitamin C and the little seeds contain Vitamin E. No guilt eating these at all.


Raspberries are like a weed! They multiply quickly and readily, so be sure you are happy with where you have decided to plant your bush. Raspberries need rich, deep soil that drains well year round. They are not happy with soggy feet. If planting a new bush, early spring time is best. I however am not following this rule as m lovely neighbour just dropped off some raspberry cane trimmings and they need to get into the ground. These trimmings were from her well established stock and they should take well as it is similar soil and area that they are being replanted too. Do expect some detail and wilting until the roots are once again established.

It is imperative not to let your raspberries dry out in the summer. Although they don’t like wet feet, they are not necessarily drought resistant. And with our hot and dry summers in Central Otago a watering of all of my plants every other day is imperative.

So at the moment it is a wait and see game for me, and hope that the canes take off nicely and we are going to have a beautiful bounty of sweet red delicious raspberries next year.



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