An Unexpected Frost

Remember that I live in New Zealand and that we are supposed to be in the heat of our summer – but the other morning we hit 0 degrees! What is happening? And yesterday we were back up at temperatures of 33 degrees. (Ahhh -not easy to cope, with a bun in the oven)

Back to our chilly morning though. Unfortunately we got hit with a light frost – which does not bod well for our vegetable garden. My partner put the sprinkler on it in the morning to hopefully save some of our crop and it was steaming because the water was warmer than the air. For the most part we are looking alright -except for our poor pumpkin plants. I planted a Hybrid Grey Crown Pumpkin (seeds for Yates). Pumpkins are long term crop and take approximately 4 to 6 months to fruit depending on the climate. Which causes a bit of a problem with the random frosts of Central Otago.


So I have some damage on the leaves. Dead leaves mean no photosynthesis, which means no more growing. However there is still some hope. With a little pruning and being sure not to cut the main stock I have hopefully salvaged our pumpkin crop for the year. Getting rid of the dead leaves (as long as they are off-shoots from the main stock) should still provide a few pumpkins. I was lucky enough that they had not yet flowered so there was no damage to the potential fruit. Fingers crossed it works. Roasted pumpkin from the garden in the fall is delicious!

For more information on pumpkins check out Kiwi Gardener.

On the plus side – when I was working with the pumpkin I noticed we have our first cauliflower of the season. Yummy! IMG_8699Cannot wait to roast it up for tea one night. Yes I love all vegetables roasted – it’s really the only way. Brings out a whole new level of flavour. And if you really want to make it sinful try a burnt butter sauce with it – I would not suggest doing this every time though for obvious reasons. And curried cauliflower is also delicious and serves well with an Indian inspired night.


My wee helpers in the garden this morning. I plant lemon balm herbs sporadically to keep him from using the garden as a giant litter box. Works a treat! Happy Gardening!



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