20 Things I did in 2015

  1. Got pregnant! With our first child
  2. Traveled to Canada for my little sister’s wedding
  3. Had our Engagement party (9months after getting engaged in Aussie) and combined it with our 30th birthdays!
  4. Turned 30! – on my sister’s wedding day
  5. Started a small photography business on the Side (JAM Photography). I mostly do family photos but have done a couple of weddings.
  6. Learned heaps about farm life and all that entails and know I will continue to learn more and more each year
  7. Repainted the Master Bedroom when shifted onto our lifestyle block
  8. Renovated the bathroom-love my freestanding bath!
  9. Had my last tattoo removal session for one on my ankle and am very happy it is gone 🙂 -still have two tattoos I love!
  10. Cut back on caffeine -but let’s be serious – that’s only because I’m pregnant. I love coffee!!!
  11. Stopped drinking – sort of – again I’m pregnant – cannot wait for a glass of wine!
  12. Have grown my most successful vegetable garden to date and it’s still going strong. Love picking fresh produce for tea.
  13. Created a gender neutral nursery for bubs. Can’t wait to meet you in February!
  14. Switched to using a lot more eco-friendly products (more to come on this)
  15. Did my first rouseying when shearing our new lambs in the last week of December.
  16. Created a feather mobile for bubs. Love it! Who knew I was so crafty!.
  17. Caught up with good friends and family back home in Canada who I have not seen in 2 years. Miss you all heaps! x
  18. Took a weekend getaway to Akaroa with my amazing partner, Tony. Kind of a babymoon.
  19. Shipped all of my possessions over to New Zealand from Canada – it’s official now – I’m staying.
  20. Got dirty, broke nails, fell in the mud, shifted water, learned to work with the dog, shifted sheep and became a reasonable ‘farmer’s wife’ who is keen to jump in and get the work done.

Thanks for the inspiration for this post Melissa from Best Nest. A great way to recap an exciting year. And very much looking forward to 2016 and all the amazing things it has in store for me and my beautiful growing family.


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